delivering interactive concepts & solutions your customers value 

Solving a consumer or business need with a new product first and foremost requires empathy. Empathy with the objectives and behavior of your target audiences, and an intimate understanding of the environment where the product will be applied.

Ambility leadership has facilitated cross-functional teams in structured exercises to develop deep empathy for target customers (rational and emotional drivers, cohort groups and connective networks, brand affiliations and technology usage) that are used as springboards for envisioning new physical and virtual products that satisfy and delight. Then we turn our attention to experience areas that are underserved and have the opportunity to find new markets or drive differentiation for established brands.

Ambility leadership has helped top digital agencies formalize their collaborative experience development processes in ways that leverage company, market, competitive, and customer behavioral data to efficiently surface new ideas and solutions. But each initiative brings a new set of challenges that can imply wildly different approaches to the concepting process. Leveraging our deep experience with such interactions, the Ambility team constructs unique processes around the needs, culture, and capabilities of each individual client, and applies the appropriate tools from its arsenal to achieve the desired objectives.

new product development